Lunch, Interrupted

A meticulous man’s quiet, solitary picnic in the park is disrupted

when a carefree woman and her dog invade his personal space.

P.S Nice Productions

invites you to the screening

August, 26th  7:00PM

1000 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

Darryl Dillard as Clarence Cain


Nancy Youngblut as Lucy Fitzwater

Our Amazing Crew

Writer: Dania Bennett

Director: Kristin Alcala

Producer: Shirley Weiss

Production Coordinator: Lucy Macedo

Director of Photography: Alex Pollini

Assistant Camera: Ian Blake

Dit: Michael Angarola

Sound Mixer: Skyko

Boom Op: Drew Mason

Grip: Alex Larson

Editor : Cris Mertens

Composer Jason Koiter

Costume Designer: Elissa Alcala  

Make Up Artist: Hannah Sherer

Hair Stylist: Victoria De La Garza

Production Assistants: Josh Porter & Meghan Hechinger 

  • Darryl Dillard on set.


  • Darryl, Nancy and Hutch who plays Cash Fitzwater

  • Getting ready to roll

  • image

    Dania, Lucy, Shirley and Kristin.

  • DP Alex Pollini doing his thing.

  • Sound Mixer Skyko, Boom Op Drew Mason and superstar Nancy

  • The amazing crew!

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