Skyko is a classical violinist as well as a filmmaker. He has always dreamed of one day owning a Stradivarius violin. One of Lucy's favorite films is Fellini’s first masterpiece La Strada.  La Strada translates to “The Road” in English.  In 2000 Skyko & Lucy met in Tokyo, Japan while working “on the road” so they combined Stradivarius and La Strada into their company’s namesake Strad Films as a home for their own productions. Before Strad was born, they began releasing songs on their independent record label Six Sense Records. Although they’ve been releasing music for well over a decade, it has taken Sky 30 years to master the violin to the point where it is ready to be incorporated it into the mix. They hope the next few years bring a symbiotic relationship of sound, music and moving pictures!  LEARN MORE