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Camera Package

6K RED Epic Dragon

You will shoot with a full 6K resolution camera package. A Teradek feed and 7" monitor is provided as well as a Ronin Gimbal and "Ready Rig" vest.

Equipment List

Grip Package

Hold On Tight!

We provide enough grip gear for most low budget shoots.
We have relationships with local vendors should you desire more.

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Production Department

Lucy loves paper!

SAG Signatory, Permits, Call Sheet, Vendors, Insurance, IMDB...

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Need Sound?

Skyko is also a Sound Mixer/Sound Editor.
With decades of experience in all areas of sound, your films soundtrack will gleam from his trusting care.

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Post Production

We edit using Final Cut Pro X

Color Correction - Da Vinci Resolve,
Music - Cubase 8,
Sound Design Dialogue Editing (equalization, compression, de-noising) Izotope RX

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Complete Package

Best of Both Worlds!

Skyko - right brain creative
Lucy - left brain logical
A perfect combo to enhance your film and deliver it under budget and on schedule.

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