The Good Ones

The Good Ones

Title: The Good Ones Log Line: Ellen and Ronny’s relationship is on the rocks. On a night out with friends, their infidelities come to surface. Will their suspected betrayals reignite their lost passion or break them apart? Starring:¬†Karl Girolamo, Nicole Pacent, Ari Frenkel, Emma Bell, Josh Davis, Alissa Garcia, and Gary Gunter. Written by: Karl Girolamo Directed by: Skyko Produced …

Head Over Heels

An overzealous young man falls head over heels for a girl he’s only just met. An intimidating, dangerous ex-boyfriend steps out from the shadows and may put their romance to the test. Head Over Heels is an independent narrative “Featurette”. Written and Directed by Skyko Produced by Lucy Macedo  

I Am Galekalu!

It all started with a couple glasses of wine around Halloween . . . Skyko set up the microphone in the studio, Lucy Keile materialized her makeshift makeup and costume, they turned on the video camera, rolled tape and recorded whatever came out. The secret language was loosely deciphered as, “I am Galekalu” and the new Halloween track was born! …